All weather bags

All weather bags

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    All weather solid color bags:

    • 12 oz military grade canvas on both sides 
    • very tight, plied yarn weave construction making it very strong and resistant to tearing, and more durable than duck canvas.
    • High quality pro resin filled bags - same resin used in our high end pro series bags! Offers just the right feel and fullness you expect from a high quality bag!
    • Machine filled for consistent weight. 15.85-16.10 (ACL regulation weight is 15.5-16.25) 
    • Industrial size #69 bonded nylon heavy duty thread
    • Triple tack sewn ends for anon intrusive top seam
    • 6" x 6" w/rounded corners
    • The most hole friendliest all-weather bags on the market!

    Price is for as set of 4 


    1 product
    All-weather-bags Set of 4

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