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Moab Cornhole

MOAB State Bags set of 8

MOAB State Bags set of 8

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Michigan State Bag set is constructed using fabrics from our pro bags (image side) and also our all weather bags (solid color side). The performance and quality of this bag is not to be underestimated, as it can compete head to head with many of the pro bags on the market, but at a much more affordable price. This bag feels great out of the box and you don't need a washing machine to break it in. 

  • Small round acetel pellets for the perfect feel and grip
  • Machine filled within 4 grams for consistent weight. 15.85
  • Industrial size #69 bonded nylon heavy duty thread
  • Triple tack sewn ends for anon intrusive top seam
  • 6" size w/rounded corners
  • Expect speed rating 4 to 8/9

Price is for as set of 8

Try them out today and let us know your feed back for future bags!


• Because of the delicate fabrics used on pro style bags, keep in mind they are prone to snags on boards that are not properly surfaced. 
• No refunds on snags on the material, as this defect does not change the performance of the bag. We will replace any bag that seam fails within 90 days. 
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